Tips for Fixing Your Electric or Gas Dryer

There can be many reasons as to why a dryer is making a foreign noise. However, there are many different solutions that can be solved easily on your own. Let’s look at some of the few common problems you may have with your dryer and some tips for you to solve it:

Electric or gas dryer that is loud, noisy or squeaking

  1. Dryer noise may be due to contact with other appliances, try moving the dryer to see if it is touching any objects that can be causing the noise.
  2. Loose objects in the dryer are also reasons that can contribute to noise. Try looking into the dryer to find any little objects that can be nicking the inside when in use.
  3. Vent line vibration may also cause noise. Try moving the dryer gently while its in use, to see if the lines are causing the vibrations and noises, which can help find a better angle for the dryer. Same is applicable to the gas metal flex line.
  4. Left over cloth from a previous loud could be caught between the tub of the dryer and the frame. Try looking for these missing clothes as they might cause the noise.
  5. When the dryer is empty, check to see if any objects are stuck between the dream felt seal and the leap of the dryer.
  6. Depending on the brand of your dryer, some companies may have instructional procedures specifically for that dryer, so make sure to double check with the website accordingly.
  7. Every dryer has parts that are known to cause noise, such as the drum support wills, idler pulley, blower wheel, sliders, and general motor. These parts may be the source of your problem and further inspection can detail the specifics.

Electric or gas dryer that is not starting or working

  1. For a gas dryer, check for a 120V VAC at the outlet in the wall.
  2. For an electric dryer, check for a 240V VAC at the outlet in the wall.
  3. Check for any ruptures in the belt, to ensure it is secure.
  4. You may also check for the model and serial number of your dryer, and then test for the thermal fuse continuity or the high limit thermostat for continuity.
  5. The motor switch may also be the source of the problem.

Electric or gas dryer that is not heating or drying properly

First, it is best to check the dryer vent for a smooth airflow outside of the dryer.
A dryer is most efficient when the vent is clean, with no restrictions and clogs that could reduce performance regarding airflow.

Try disconnecting the dryer vent and loading the dryer with two wet towels and performing a timed dry, for example a 40 min. timed dry, and check the dryer exhaust with a thermometer to see the temperature of the airflow. An ideal high temperature would be around 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and an ideal low temperature would be around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When doing so, you should hear the dryer ignite and blow hot air. After a while, the sound will die off and it should begin to cool. If it doesn’t ignite and begin the process, that might be the problem at hand.
When doing so, the gas supply line might be the source of the problem, so be sure to check the line when doing this procedure.

Depending on the dryer, there are specific parts related to heating and drying. Finding the serial number of the model and checking the brand’s website for these specific parts in your dryer can help locate the problem. If you speculate any of these parts to be the source of the problem, a technician can verify every part during the inspection.
If you are using all automatic cycles on your dryer, such as a normal load, a delicate, a heavy duty, etc., and everything seems to be fine, but the problem is still occurring, an inspection can help identify the problem and offer different solutions to solve them.

As you can see, dryer’s have many faults in them, and it may be unclear as to what is causing the problem just by checking this list. A detailed inspection with a professional can help find the source of your problem in as little as thirty minutes. With an inspection, you will fully understand the problem at hand, and the technician will be able to assess and give you the proper solution meticulously, whereas others will give you a halfhearted solution.

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